Sunset Riders – A Double Lucky Shot

I was at Salgados this afternoon taking some shots for my next Algarve Resident Article and got talking to two young lads (great to meet you Bruno and Fabio, keep shooting!) and soon enough the sun was approaching the horizon.

As I was only armed with my 500mm prime lens, I look around for some ideas of a sunset shot.

I got lucky, a group of horse riders climbed on the top of the dunes of Praia Grande de Pêra giving me the perfect silhouette shot against the orange sky. I muttered to myself “…shame there are no clouds, there will be a lot of empty sky…”, then out of nowhere a couple of Glossy Ibis (there are a lot at Salgados right now) not only flew into the frame but also at a reasonable distance to be sharp enough as another silhouette.

A lot of photographers can be lucky and get great shots, but to be double lucky in the same shot it was fantastic! This image is already available to purchase in print in the web shop

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Glossy Ibis In The Late Afternoon Sun

Yesterday I was at Ludo to photograph the Ospreys that hunt there regularly (more on this in a later post). I was using the fact that I had to pick Emma up from the airport, so made a full day of it. Once the tide came in, the Osprey moved away so I decided to visit the São Lourenço Lake in Quinta do Lago to waste a little more time.

There was a (juvenile) Glossy Ibis sat in the warm afternoon sun and its colourful plumage was reflecting in spectacular fashion. The reason I know this is a juvenile is due to the white streaks on its head and neck. He wasn’t so happy when a Spanish Terrapin decided to share the sun spot.

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Glossy Ibis - Íbis-preta - Plegadis falcinellus
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