Changing Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts In Windows (Video)

NOTE! Since the 8.3.1 update the folder name has changed where listed as “Lightroom Classic CC” it is now “Lightroom Classic”!

I had a problem, both my Laptop and Desktop run Windows 10 with United Kingdom Region settings but have the Portuguese Keyboard Layouts. Within Lightroom (and indeed Photoshop) I rely on the Keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease both the Adjustment Brush and Spot Tool. By default, this is the [ and ] keys.

However, look where they are on a Portuguese Keyboard.

Portuguese Keyboard

To use the square brackets, you are required to press the alt gr key. In Lightroom both alt keys switches the brush to the Erase brush so I lost these keyboard shortcuts. Adobe give you the option to change the keys within Photoshop, but even today they still do not include this option in Lightroom. There is a way to do this on a Mac and I´ve seen 3rd party software available to purchase on Windows but I couldn’t help thinking that there must be configuration files included with Lightroom for various regions around the globe to cater for the differing keyboard layouts so had a dig around the installation directory. I came up a winner with an easy way to re-assign the shortcuts.
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