As Featured In “Enjoy The Algarve” Online Magazine


I have appeared briefly in the online magazine, Enjoy The Algarve before. It was a photo of the White Storks fighting in Silves. This made up part of a feature about taking photos whilst on holiday in the Algarve.

I was delighted when Yayeri (Editor of Enjoy The Algarve) asked if she could use one of my Bee Eater photos in her “Picture Perfect” feature. The photo was from a session I had back April.

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European Bee Eater - Abelharuco - Merops apiaster
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It’s Nice When Your Work Is Appreciated


I was looking through the online Portugal Resident to see if my latest article has been published on the website (it hasn’t, but is available in the shops) when I stumbled across a Reader’s Letter regarding last months article about the Ribeira de Odelouca. It certainly put a smile on my face. A screenshot is shown below or you can read it on the Portugal Resident Website

The current article is available in the current Algarve Resident paper on-sale now. This month it’s all about how to identify the differences between Swifts, Swallows & Martins. It will be available online soon and I’ll post a link when it is.



Living in the northern hills of the Algarve has many dirt tracks, some of which are actually classed as main roads, some others you wouldn’t attempt to drive a car up. Therefore, when we first arrived here I was determined to invest in a Quad to get around the terrain. I opted for a CanAm Outlander Max which has the added benefit of 4×4 when the going gets really tough.

It enables me to get to some areas that would otherwise be a day-long trek. Carrying the 500mm lens and camera on the Quad has been tricky and therefore I am now looking at ways to customise it to carry equipment.

Today, I modified the front rack so that I can attach my Lensmaster RH-2 Gimbal (or any other tripod mounted device) to it. Originally, I was hoping to also carry the lens and camera on the Gimbal attached but I think I’m asking for trouble. So my next task is to make a custom rear box to fit the camera and 500 lens in securely whilst driving. The Gimbal will remain on the front rack whilst driving and I can then also use the Quad as my tripod, or rather Quadpod!


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I’m Now Available As A Guest Speaker


I was invited to provide a presentation and talk at the Rotary Club of Silves yesterday and decided to use this as a potential new service to offer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my talk which contained a selection of my photographs with a background to the work involved to capture the image. I also received very positive and pleasing feedback from the Rotarians. I have now decided to launch this as a service, if you have an event that you would like a Guest Speaker, or simply would like to have a bespoke presentation, I would be glad to open a discussion about it.

More information can be seen on the new Nature Photography Talk/Guest Speaker Page, with prices from just €50 I would be happy to present a topic of your choosing or a general Photography and/or Nature themed talk.

I can provide a 40″ high Definition TV Screen if required and would be happy to erect a printed gallery of my work with the option to purchase. If you are a registered charity, then my fees can be very flexible.