Super Pink Moon

I bet some of you were getting excited about a bright pink moon in the sky tonight, but its name doesn’t mean it will be pink. It refers to the time of year coinciding with the spring bloom of flowers. However, the setting sun did cast a slight colour cast over the whole sky.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, I decided to snap a shot from the garden and lined up for a distant ridge with the 500mm f/4 attached.

There was a lot of cloud in the sky but I was lucky to see it pop out from behind cover which actually had a small amount of sunset colour still reflecting off. Not the most exciting moon shot I’ve taken, but still great to see it rising above the ridges here in the Algarve hills.

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Pink Moon Rise

I was outside tonight just as the Moon had risen above the hilltops. It was bright pink in colour, I’m assuming it was the same in other locations of the Northen Hemisphere too, particularly in the same Time Zone. Did you also see it?

We have some Palm trees at the front of the house that are lit by LED lights which I used to create a frame for the shot.

The credit to the framing has to go to my partner, Emma, who spotted this a few days ago albeit the Moon was the other side of the Palm tree (possibly a better frame too but don’t tell her!).

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Moon Rise & Palm Tree

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