Living in the northern hills of the Algarve has many dirt tracks, some of which are actually classed as main roads, some others you wouldn’t attempt to drive a car up. Therefore, when we first arrived here I was determined to invest in a Quad to get around the terrain. I opted for a CanAm Outlander Max which has the added benefit of 4×4 when the going gets really tough.

It enables me to get to some areas that would otherwise be a day-long trek. Carrying the 500mm lens and camera on the Quad has been tricky and therefore I am now looking at ways to customise it to carry equipment.

Today, I modified the front rack so that I can attach my Lensmaster RH-2 Gimbal (or any other tripod mounted device) to it. Originally, I was hoping to also carry the lens and camera on the Gimbal attached but I think I’m asking for trouble. So my next task is to make a custom rear box to fit the camera and 500 lens in securely whilst driving. The Gimbal will remain on the front rack whilst driving and I can then also use the Quad as my tripod, or rather Quadpod!


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