Osprey: Right Place, Right Time, Wrong Moment…

I was near the large lake at Quinta do Lago a few days ago when I decided to re-position myself. I collapsed the tripod, but the lens cover over the end of my 500mm and lifted over my shoulder to walk. I looked to the distance and saw a huge bird approaching. At first, I thought it was a large Gull but it swooped down quickly and I soon realised it was an Osprey coming in for a fish.

I had no time to get the camera ready as I watched it hit the water, just 10 metres away, with a loud thud before lifting away with a large fish. It flew across my path towards the late afternoon sun which had began to set.

I quickly grabbed the camera, set it down and managed to fire off a shot of it silhouetted against the sunset.

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Osprey With Catch Silhouetted At Sunset
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