This Week’s Featured Print: Dusk With A Great Story!


This week’s featured print is a shot of dusk at the amazing seaside village of Burgau. Whilst I was taking this shot, I could hear the group of people sat at the table near the slope to the beach commenting that they hoped that “The photograph won’t fall from the cliff”. I was in a safe place but it may have looked a bit dangerous from their position.

Fast forward a few days and I was displaying this image as part of my stand at the Aljezur International School Christmas Fair. The group had came to the fair and noticed the photo, when they read the information badge showing the date, they instantly realised that it was them in the photography. Of course, they purchased an A3 sized framed print as a memory!

The dusk colours were amazing that evening which made the photograph a great image of a great coastal gem.

As always, the Featured Image has a discount across all variations.

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White Storks Of Silves Field Trip 2020! – Saturday 8th February


This field trip back in February was very popular and sold out quickly therefore, I have added the event for booking much earlier this year and is scheduled for Saturday February 8th.

If you know all about this trip and just want to book, please CLICK HERE.

Come and spend a morning with me and other like-minded nature and photography lovers in the historic town of Silves amongst the stunning White Storks. Although this trip is designed with photographers in mind, feel free to join us even if you don’t bring a camera!

There will be plenty of opportunities to photograph Storks on their huge nests and point your camera at these giants in flight. We may even be lucky to witness them fighting over nesting rights. Of course, I will be on hand to offer advice on all aspects of photography from exposure settings to bird in flight techniques.

This is the perfect Field Trip if you are wanting to improve your Bird in Flight technique!

The morning will consist of the following schedule;

» A brief talk about the White Storks and their habitat, lifestyle, feeding, breeding and migration patterns.
» Photographic opportunities of Storks on their huge nests with walks to various nest sites around the city of Silves.
» Photographic opportunities of Storks in flight.
» During the morning I will be on hand to help with any photographic tips and techniques from exposure settings to Bird in Flight Techniques.

Although it helps if you have a little experience in photography anyone is welcome on this field trip as I will offer help and advice. It can be used as a followup or a taster to my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop.

Where is this Field Trip?
This trip is in the stunning historical city of Silves. Why not make a day of it and spend the afternoon exploring this fantastic city! Google Map of Silves

How large is the group size?
This trip has a maximum number of 12 people.

What time does it start?
We will meet at 8:00am in Silves.

What time does it finish?
Approximately 1pm, however, you are able to leave earlier if you wish.

Is this a strenuous activity?
No, although we will be walking around the city and standing for most of the time.

Is transport included?
No, attendees must make their own travel arrangements.

What language is spoken during this Field Trip?

What is the price?
Just €14 per person

Are White Storks sightings guaranteed?
Whilst nothing in nature can be guaranteed, it is extremely unlikely that there will be no White Storks present. Silves has White Storks all year and during February they are usually in abundance.

What camera do I need?
Any camera is suitable and although you don’t require super telephoto or zoom lenses, it is recommended that you have a modest magnification available. Feel free to bring along any equipment (various lenses, tripods etc.) you wish, but bear in mind you will be responsible for carrying your equipment. Please Contact Me should you want any advice.

Is this trip dependent on the weather?
Yes and maybe rescheduled due to bad weather. We of course want perfectly clear skies and glorious light, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Should there be inclement weather forecast (rain or strong winds) then the trip will be rescheduled. Should bad weather be forecast then a final decision will be made 5pm the night before and all attendees will be notified by email and/or telephone.

Where is the meeting place?
The location will be communicated nearer the day.

Payment is required in advance by booking online and paying via either PayPal (inc Credit/Debit card without a PayPal account) or Bank Transfer. By booking onto the this Field Trip you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

December Sunset At Carvoeiro


I have been wanting to shoot from this iconic Algarve viewpoint for a while and as I will be at the Christmas Fair at The Smokehouse & Tapas Bar in Carvoeiro on Sunday I thought it a good idea to have a local photograph to include in the display.

This evening I arrived early to setup for a “2nd Sunset” (the colourful sky after the sun has set) shot, but the clouds started rolling in so changed my plan for an actual sunset shot instead.

If you want to see this image in print and mounted, please come along on Sunday.

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Sunset at Carvoeiro
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This Week’s Featured Print – Sunset Over Castelo De Silves


This shot was one of my most satisfying ones to date. Earlier in the day I had predicted a colourful sunset due to the high thin clouds but about an hour before sunset lots of much thicker high clouds rolled in. However, I trusted my instinct and headed to a favourite spot just outside the city of Silves that has an amazing view of the Castle and Cathedral and waited. The sunset was a little disappointing as the thick clouds remained, however, by the time the “2nd sunset” arrived (usually 10 to 20 minutes after sunset) the clouds had started to clear and the sky lit up in a collection of colours.

I underexposed the shot to create a magical silhouette of the Castle and Cathedral against this magnificent backdrop.

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Sunset Over Castelo De Silves
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New Special Edition Large Acrylic Prints Now Available Of 2 Of My Favourites!


Occasionally, I will produce Single, Limited & Special Edition Prints to compliment all the prints available in the Web Shop.

I have produced 2 new Special Edition Prints (just 1 of each are available) that are now available to purchase. Both prints are printed on acrylic in a large 60x40cm dimension.

Acrylic is an expensive printing process which is printed directly onto 3mm thick acrylic and then sealed with a white background giving a stunning polished frameless look with real depth. It creates a view as if the image is back-lit which really makes the colours stand out to the viewer. I am able to offer local pickup here in São Marcos da Serra or I will personally deliver within a small radius of the central Algarve region, I can also deliver to the town of Ourique in the Alentejo.

No matter how hard I try, the beauty of these acrylic prints cannot be appreciated by a photograph and viewing is also available, please Contact Me to discuss this, the Coffee is on me!

Please note, there is only 1 print available of each image so be quick!

The first image I chose to produce was Waves At Dusk. This image was taken on Praia de São Rafael just after sunset and captures the waves washing back out to sea.

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This Week’s Featured Print : Sunset Riders


This week’s featured print is only a few weeks old and I keep seeing it and keep admiring it. It came as complete luck, twice!

It is a small group of horse riders on top of the sand dunes at Salgados silhouetted by the orange glow of the sunset, the fact that a pair of Glossy Ibis flew into the frame was amazing.

Read the Sunset Riders – A Double Lucky Shot blog post for full details.

Of course, as usual for featured prints, there is a small discount applied for both framed and unframed prints. The contrast between black and orange looks amazing in print!

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Sunset Riders
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