Perseids Meteor Shower 2018, But What Was The Other Object(s)?

I posted a blog yesterday regarding This Years Perseid Meteor Shower and last night, it didn’t disappoint. There were some very bright slow-moving meteors shooting across the sky.

This photo is made up from 15 separate 15 second exposures taken from the front terrace of our Quinta up here in the hills. Just 15 photos, just goes to show how many meteors where in the sky. Some of the dimmer ones probably wouldn’t have been visible by the human eye.

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Perseid Meteor Shower 2018
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Mars At It’s Closest For 15 Years

Firstly, many thanks for Maria Jahn who is a member on my Algarve Photo Fun Facebook Page, without her, I would have forgotten all about tonight.

Mars is at its closet approach to Earth since 2003 and earlier today was the peak of it. Tonight, its bright in the dark sky of the Algarve Hills. Even though it looks close, it’s still 57.6 million kilometers away!

I stepped outside to grab a quick shot of it, and yes I know, its just a red dot in the sky.

Mars shining bright in the Algarve Hills

Reflections At The Local Barragem

On my morning Dog walks I’ve noticed that the local Barragem (Portuguese for dam, but also used to name a reservoir) water has been very still and the reflection amazing. So, this morning I also took my camera for a walk with the Dog.

Whilst letting Wally run around exploring the Barragem surroundings, I took a few reflection photos.

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Barragem Reflection

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International Space Station (ISS) At Twilight

At 6pm this evening an email came through from alerting me of the ISS passing over at 6:20pm. A quick look outside and there was a nice orange glow to the twilight. I checked the path of the ISS and it was approaching from the North West and passing to the South East, straight across my view of the twilight.

I set the camera up in the garden with some Yucca Plants to frame the shot and waited.

Soon enough, the bright ISS came into frame. I took four 20 second shots and merged them together to create this image of the light streak as it flies over head at 27600kmh, yes that’s almost 8km every second!

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International Space Station (ISS) at Twilight
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Another Geminids Meteor Shower Photo

Further to my earlier post, here is another photo of the Geminids from last night.

This timeframe was earlier in the evening and is a capture from between 8:07pm and 10:05pm. A shot was taken every 20 seconds with an exposure of 15 seconds. This resulted in 562 photos, 23 of which you can see merged here. One shot is the canvas and another 22 shots with meteors. Yes, before you count, there are 22 meteors in this photo.

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Geminids 2017
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Full Moon Rising

This photo is from a couple of days ago, Saturday 4th November. It was a Full Moon and I noticed it rising in the distance. I looked around for a framing for a shot as a Full Moon photo on its own can be a little flat and empty.

I noticed that it would rise between a gap in an Oak Tree and decided to take this shot. It is made up of 2 exposures, one on the Moon itself and another on the tree. The tree is lit with an LED torch.

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Full Moon Rise

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