Misty River Captured On My Smartphone

Smartphone photography is a little restrictive which actually makes it fun. Trying to get a shot that shouldn’t work is a real challenge. This morning I was down at the river and the sun was beaming down onto the bridge/ford and the rising steam made it look amazing. The sun is a little blown out, but again, that’s the restriction on a smartphone as its dynamic range (the difference between the darks and lights) it can capture is quite small.

As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you, so I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to capture this. Once the world returns to some sort of normal, keep an eye out for my Smartphone Workshops!

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I Also Captured Last Night’s Sunset On My Smartphone – How Does It Compare?

As you have probably already seen, last night was a stunning sunset and I made my way to a location to capture it (Read Blog Post).

As it was a very relaxed shoot, let’s be honest, what is more relaxed than watching a sunset, I decided to see if I could capture the same scene on my Smartphone camera! Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows a photographer that has shot a wedding on an iPhone (hmm?). I can’t even begin to remember how many times I’ve heard that. If I’m honest, I actually hate all the internet articles stating that the iPhone is as capable as a dSLR. Most of them are simply sponsored articles or what I call clever marketing! It really isn’t as capable and (as far as I’m concerned) it never will be. However, that doesn’t make a Smartphone camera incapable of capturing stunning images. So could I recreate the same image? Read on.

Here is the shot from my Nikon D850 dSLR.

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Autumn Sunset In The Algarve Hills
đŸ“· Nikon D850, AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8E @ 48mm, 0.6sec, f/13, ISO64
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I Enjoy The Challenges Of Smartphone Photography

Over the last few years we have seen Smartphone Cameras increase in quality and functionality at a rapid rate. However, no matter how good they are becoming, they still have a lot of limitations.

These limitations give me an enjoyable challenge and it’s why I love Smartphone photography. It forces you to think about the photo way before you even frame it, trying to overcome the challenges these tiny cameras give. This shouldn’t be any different to any other form of photography and is why its good practice to make you think before pressing the shutter button.

This morning, we had some early hill mist and whilst out walking Wally, he appeared on a small ridge above me. It was a good pose, but the mist behind was a real spoiler, so I took the photo with the thought of making into a High Contrast Black and White photo, using the bright white misty background to contrast him and the Estava plant.

The photo was taken on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ in “Pro” mode, saving as a DNG (RAW) file, then I imported it into Lightroom (on the phone), converted to Black and White and raised the contrast. All this whilst still out walking. I was impressed at the quality, it even made it into my Flickr Albums

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Wally In The Morning Mist (Samsung Galaxy S8+)
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View From This Morning’s Dog Walk

I decided to take Wally on the “Cork Oak Route” this morning, this walk takes us up one of the tall ridges here in the hills through an area full of Cork Oak. The view was stunning as always. The 2 trees in the foreground are Cork Oak, you can see where the one of the right has been harvested for it’s Cork. We are lucky enough to have some Cork Oaks and they are due for harvesting in May. I will be writing an article on the whole process.

I thought I’d see how good multiple images from my Samsung Galaxy S8+ Smartphone would stitch together in Lightroom as a Panorama. Yes, of course, I could just take a Pano shot on the phone, but the resulting image would be jpeg and not Raw. I still wanted to be able to edit the images. Therefore, I took 4 shots in Pro Mode, saved as Raw (dng), edited the photos in Lightroom and then used the Panorama stitching tool to create this image.

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Algarve Serra (Samsung Galaxy S8+)
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