Monchique Fire Aftermath at Talurdo (Video)

UPDATE: My entire video shoot titled “Consequência – Depois dos Incêndios” is now available to view HERE

A small area near to São Marcos da Serra, Talurdo saw the closest fire to our location. I documented this on the 8th August. Yesterday (10th August) I returned to the scene to capture some Drone footage. I didn’t get as much as I intended as there was a large presence of Army and Bombeiros on standby and I didn’t want to annoy anyone. You can also notice in the distance a fire-fighting plane on one of the clips. A hotspot had ignited and they called in air-support. Once I saw planes in the vicinity, I grounded the Drone.

The area here used to be Cork Oak and , I believe, Medronho Trees. Some of the Cork Oaks maybe lucky, but many are lost and irreplaceable in our lifetime.

If I’m completely honest, I had at least one tear in my eye editing this clip. Please feel free to share this blog and/or the YouTube but if you intend to use in the media, please contact me first.

{Remember to watch in HD or 4K if possible}

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The Devastation at Talurdo

The greatest news possible today, the fires are now classed as “Em Resoluçao”, which means “In Resolution”. They have finally conquered this monster. Bright blue skies have returned to the Algarve and the sound of helicopters and planes have disappeared, all with the exception of a few small flare-ups to contend with.

I took a trip up to Talurdo which is where I was photographing on Wednesday to see the devastation left behind. There is a small farm in Talurdo and it is very near to where the fires passed through, they were lucky, the fire chose a different path and missed them completely. There are a lot of Bombeiros and Army stationed at Talurdo (and all over the fire area) until they can finally say “Em Conclusão”, so I didn’t want to annoy anyone. I did send the drone up, but the return of the planes for a distant small fire meant I stopped, I will share this footage soon. Once everything dies down, I will send it up again to bring you some views of the devastation.

For now, here are some photos I took. It was amazing to hear Beetles and Crickets amongst the ash, Swallows, Swifts and Martins flying around and also a lot of Butterflies, isn’t amazing how nature deals with this. As you can see, this area has no Eucalyptus, there are a lot of Cork Oak Trees that have been destroyed. I noticed many trees that had their cork harvested this year, these trees had no defence.

In case you are wondering which area this is, I have created a Custom Google Map which shows you. This is just a tiny portion of the whole fire area.

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