Wildboar in our Woodland (Video)

A few evenings ago I was outside late at night as I tend to do to either listen to the wildlife (Owls, Toads, Frogs, Crickets) or look at the dark night sky. I could hear rustling and snapping twigs in a piece of Woodland that we own.

I immediately thought Wild Boar.

I’ve not had time to explore this dense woodland yet so grabbed the Bushnell camera and took a ramble. The Woodland is on a steep small hillside with a seasonal brook at the bottom and I could see evidence of activity in abundance. A lot of moved soil and some scat. It was looking very promising that Wild Boar are in residence.

I attached the Bushnell in a small opening. This morning I checked the camera and came up a winner.

It’s a very short clip as the Wild Boar is just walking by, but proof enough that they live in there.

I will be setting up the Bushnell in various positions in the hope I get some more footage of them. In the future I hope to set up a hide in the woodland, but the Wild Boar are usually sleeping in deep cover in the daytime.

Of course, photography isn’t the only shooting pastime and these Wild Boar are of interest to the local Hunters. I have very mixed feelings about hunting, but at these Wild Boars are hunted as a food source which keeps the local economy turning over.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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