Testing the new Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Max Live View (Video)

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birdfeedersBack last year, I setup a Bushnell NatureView MAX HD camera to capture footage of the Foxes that visit the garden overnight. Although I got some good footage, it wasn’t without frustration. I had the camera exchanged 5 times with various issues from not triggering to crackling audio and eventually I gave up and returned it for a refund.

However, since not having a “trail cam”, I’ve felt a missing gap in my arsenal. Bushnell have recently released a new camera in the line up, the Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Max Live View which has some improvements including an upgrade to 14mp (from 8mp) and a handy external screen for better alignment (although it can’t be used when mounted in a tripod as the screen port is on the bottom).

If I’m honest, I didn’t get much support from Bushnell themselves over the issues and I found it really hard to purchase more Bushnell equipment (especially as they also make hunting equipment). There doesn’t really seem to be anything that comes close to what the NatureView says it can do and when it worked, the quality was acceptable for this type of camera.

So, I decided to purchase one with the thoughts of having to return it.

It arrived this morning and I went straight to one of the bird feeding areas in the garden and set the camera up to see what it would get. The video below shows some of the clips it managed to get. Great news is, it seemed to work without issue and the sound quality is as expected.

So hopefully, it won’t be returned any time soon and will fill that gap in my equipment list. I’m going to leave it outside overnight to see what it gets. The Foxes stopped coming quite a while back (even though we still left scraps out for them), but as the mating season is well under way, we hope to see them again.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

Update: Since using this camera over the last few years, I cannot anymore recommend Bushnell cameras. As expected the build quality has let me down many times even though the footage quality is quite good the camera is now useless as the Infrared lights no longer function. I will not be replacing it with another Bushnell camera.

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