Thanks Nikon for Standardising Batteries

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MH-25a Charger (Photo from Nikon Europe's Website)
MH-25a Charger (Photo from Nikon Europe’s Website)
I’m booked on a triple hide day tomorrow with Nikon School and Chris Gomersall. I’m taking both the D810 (with the 300mm with 1.7x and 2x Teleconverters) and D7100 (with 80-400mm) as a backup. As I use battery grips on both cameras it means 4 batteries in total to charge.

So I get both chargers out and set them up to charge. I plugged the MH-25a (supplied with the D810) in and inserted a battery and although it charges, there is a loud sparking noise coming from it and a nice smell of burning electronics.

Luckily, the D810 and D7100 both use the same EN-EL15 Battery so the MH-25 charger that comes with the D7100 (notice the “a” missing, I’m led to believe it just has a slightly lower power output) can charge all 4 batteries.

So a big thanks to Nikon for standardising their batteries throughout their range. I’ll give Wex Photographic a call to get this charger sent off for repair/replacement.

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