The Foxes had to share their food last night

We have a pair of Foxes that regularly visit the garden overnight, well why wouldn’t they, we do leave food out for them.

Some may think that we shouldn’t do this, but my way of looking at it is, what’s the difference between feeding the Foxes and feeding the Garden Birds?

We live quite rural too, so not really affecting anyone.

Last night, I set up my Bushnell Natureview Cam HD Max and it seems as the Foxes had to share their dinner!

The video contains captures from between 10pm and 4am. I noticed that only one of the Foxes came to feed last night, and as it’s the end of March, it could be that they now have young. The one shot of the Fox grabbing as much as it can leads me to believe that maybe it was taking food back to the Den. If they do have young, depending on how far away the Den is (I have no idea where it is) they may even bring the cubs to feed at around 8 weeks old.

The one strange thing I did notice is the birds are singing at 4am? It’s not Dawn until around 5:30am?

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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