The Goldfinches are having to share their Nyger seed!

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WARNING! Terrible quality photo, look away if you are offended!

This afternoon, I was running a cleaning procedure on my pond pumps which is about 4 metres from one of the bird feeding stations in the garden when I heard a bird call I didn’t recognise.

I look up and there is a pair (Male and Female) of Siskins looking to come down to the Nyger Feeder. It required a bit of a top up, so I grabbed some seed and topped it up. Of course, by now they had flown away, so I went back to the kitchen and waited.

Soon enough they came back to feed. It was raining at the time and as the kitchen window is around 25 metres away from the feeders I grabbed my D7100 (crop sensor for extra reach) and put my 500mm f/4 and 2x Teleconverter on to try and at least get a record shot.

Actually, it’s a terrible photo, but considering it’s a crop sensor at ISO4000 handheld at 1/125second through a window with it raining outside and with a 2x converter, I didn’t expect it to be this good!

Once the weather clears over the next few days, I’ll get out there in the hide and hopefully get a few snaps.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Siskins in the garden so pretty happy that more and more birds are visiting.

Pair of Siskins
Pair of Siskins
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