The Perseids Meteor Show Peaks Tonight!

Every August we have the Perseid Meteor Shower which are tiny dust particles left behind from the Swift-Tuttle Comet last seen in 1992 (and won’t return until 2126!). They name Perseids comes from the fact that the meteors appear to come from the same area in the sky as the Perseus constellation. It’s a long shower that starts on July 17th and ends on August 24th. Overnight of the 12th and 13th August is the peak time.

Usually, you can expect to see between 60 to 100 meteors every hour if you have dark un-polluted skies. I have read that this year, you could expect to see up to 150 an hour! This is helped by the fact that last night was a New Moon, so tonight’s moon will have very little reflected sunlight, plus the bonus is that it will set at just after 9:30pm too!

Last year was a different story but I did get this disappointing shot, albeit with the Andromeda Galaxy in shot too!

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Persieds Meteor Shower 2017

As simple guide is to look between North and North-East in the sky tonight after dark. The later you look, the more to the North-East it will be. Time and Date has a great guide on their website that will show you an interactive map and also times for your own location. You can find it at

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