This Week’s Featured Print – Sunset Over Castelo De Silves

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This shot was one of my most satisfying ones to date. Earlier in the day I had predicted a colourful sunset due to the high thin clouds but about an hour before sunset lots of much thicker high clouds rolled in. However, I trusted my instinct and headed to a favourite spot just outside the city of Silves that has an amazing view of the Castle and Cathedral and waited. The sunset was a little disappointing as the thick clouds remained, however, by the time the “2nd sunset” arrived (usually 10 to 20 minutes after sunset) the clouds had started to clear and the sky lit up in a collection of colours.

I underexposed the shot to create a magical silhouette of the Castle and Cathedral against this magnificent backdrop.

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Sunset Over Castelo De Silves

What I really love with this photo is how much detail has been captured of the silhouette and to really appreciate it, you have to look at a print in the flesh.

I currently have a copy of of this printed on A3 paper framed in a black 50x40cm frame hanging in my Gallery Room. Why not book a visit to view it! It is available in 2 sizes unframed (A3 and A4) and is available in 3 sizes framed (15x20cm, 30x40cm and 40x50cm) in 4 different colours (Black, Silver, White and Wood), these can be found in the Shop.

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