Today We Rescued a Ladder Snake (Video)

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Today myself and partner Emma were walking through our Neighbour’s farmland and we stopped to look in an old well. To my surprise, there was an adult Ladder Snake swimming around trying to find a way out.

The well is at least 20 feet (6 meters), if not a lot more, so there was no way the Snake was going to get out. Emma ran off to pull up a long Bamboo to rescue it.

The Bamboo was just long enough to drop down into the water and the Snake happily climbed on. After a careful raise the snake was free.

I captured some video on my mobile, it’s not great as I was a bit nervous of dropping my phone down the well.

Ladder Snakes are very common here in the hills of the Algarve as it’s the perfect habitat for them. They are non-venomous so completely harmless although if threatened can appear to be aggressive. The juveniles have a ladder pattern on their back, but this disappears with age. They can grow up to around 160cm long.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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