Ummidia Algarve Spider Burrow

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As the name suggests, the Ummidia algarve Spider is a small spider that is endemic to the Algarve area. Although a very common spider, I have never stumbled across it’s unique burrow. Another name for the Ummidia species of spider is the Trapdoor Spider, it builds a close-able trap door on the entrance to the cylinder shaped burrow.

I took a walk today around the Quinta and found this burrow. (More information below image)

The Ummidia algarve is unique in that it also builds an inverted trapdoor at the bottom of the short burrow, this is why it has the Portuguese name of Buraqueira-de-alçapão-duplo (Double Trap Door Burrowing). If you are worried about how big this spider is, they are small. The male grows up to 20mm and the female 30mm. The burrow is just slightly wider. They are not considered dangerous even though they look quite scary.

I don’t have any photos, but will keep a look out at this burrow to hopefully catch a photo, but here is a photo of an Ummidia on Wikipedia. It is quite an easily recognised spider.

UPDATE : I took a look today and the trapdoor was closed. I did think that this burrow was on old one, but clearly it is being used. I will try and get a photo of the spider as this will make a great topic for one of my Algarve Resident articles.

It’s incredible the way it puts things over the top to hide it.

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