View From This Morning’s Dog Walk

I decided to take Wally on the “Cork Oak Route” this morning, this walk takes us up one of the tall ridges here in the hills through an area full of Cork Oak. The view was stunning as always. The 2 trees in the foreground are Cork Oak, you can see where the one of the right has been harvested for it’s Cork. We are lucky enough to have some Cork Oaks and they are due for harvesting in May. I will be writing an article on the whole process.

I thought I’d see how good multiple images from my Samsung Galaxy S8+ Smartphone would stitch together in Lightroom as a Panorama. Yes, of course, I could just take a Pano shot on the phone, but the resulting image would be jpeg and not Raw. I still wanted to be able to edit the images. Therefore, I took 4 shots in Pro Mode, saved as Raw (dng), edited the photos in Lightroom and then used the Panorama stitching tool to create this image.

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Algarve Serra (Samsung Galaxy S8+)

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