Where’s Wally And Who Is The Lookalike?

I was asked by 2 followers recently why there hasn’t been any Dog Walk photos recently. For those that don’t know me personally won’t know that Lupi, our 2nd rescue dog was tragically killed a short while ago. As you can imagine, we were devastated and we continue to grieve. However, time moves on and because we originally took Lupi as a companion for Wally we decided to rescue another dog.

Therefore, we now have Millie, as you can see, shes almost a Mini-Wally. She is 5 months old and is another rescued dog. This morning I took a few snaps of her running about.

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Millie Having Fun

Millie Having Fun

So, you may ask how Wally is taking all this change, as you can see, Wally is being Wally…..

Wally Being Wally.....

In fact, they don’t stop play fighting, constantly. He’s a little over-powering for her but she’s growing quick and is already taller than him, which isn’t difficult, which means shes starting to dominate back.

I grabbed a nice back-lit shot of Wally this morning too.

Back-lit Wally

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