Woodpecker Pecking A Concrete Electricity Pole?

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Woodpecker pecking at a Concrete Post, is it mad? I don’t think so, read on……

Firstly, apologies for the terrible video quality, I was out with the Dog this morning when I heard this and had my phone zoomed on max. You can just about make out the Woodpecker at the very top moving around.

I’ve heard this noise before and knew it was a Woodpecker by the pattern of the noise, but why? My explanation continues below the video

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

So there are a few possibilities of why this bird is doing it;

1) It’s confusing the post for a wooden one or a tree – I very much doubt this, I’m pretty sure it would know.

2) It’s sharpening it’s beak – Possibly, but I doubt it. Woodpeckers beak self-sharpen when they peck on wood

3) There are bugs in some of the holes – Maybe, but when I’ve seen this happening, the Woodpecker has always been on the very top of the pole.

4) This is my belief – It’s Springtime and the males are looking for females. It’s well-known that male Woodpeckers peck to attract females. As this noise carries further than the drumming on wood, I think it’s males making a tune to attract a partner.

This of course, is my own belief, if anyone has any other ideas, feel free to let me know.

I did run for the camera to get a better recording, but when I returned the Woodpecker had been replaced by a Dove, I will hopefully get a good recording soon.

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