Simple Sunset, Very Algarve


As you may know, I like a good silhouette shot, whether it shows an animal or object, providing you can easily recognise the subject it can be very powerful.

I was hoping for a great sunset tonight, the high icy clouds (hinting that the forecast rain for tomorrow is coming) looked promising, however, some heavy clouds started to roll in just as the sun was setting. There was however, a brief period where the sky started to glow, it didn’t last long, but I came up with a simple plan. Photograph a neighbours very Algarvian chimney against the colourful sky.

Standing a long way away and using a long lens I could blur out the gathering clouds but still use the small compressed (due to a long lens) portion of sky to use as a colourful backdrop.

The result is a simple photo, but one that is instantly identified by anyone who can recognise an Algarve Chimney.

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New Exhibition At The Carvoeiro Tennis Club


Starting this Saturday (19th September 2020) my new exhibition is running at “The Bungalow” at the Carvoeiro Tennis Club. There is a selection of my work, including limited edition acrylics on display and of course are available to purchase.

The opening coincides with the open day at the Bungalow which is a therapy and beauty centre with various services available such as acupunture, massage and beauty. I will be at the open day so please come along from 11am onwards to say hello.

If you can’t make Saturday, the exhibition will run for at least the next two months, so plenty of time to take a look. Don’t rely on my mobile phone shots below, please come and look for yourself.

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European Mantis or the Banded Centipede, Who Is The Boss?


Tonight I spotted both a European Mantis and Banded Centipede in the same location. The Banded Centipede was just a small youngster and the European Mantis a fully grown adult. I grabbed my phone and started to record in case their paths crossed.

Both are serious predators in their own world but due to the Banded Centipede only being a youngster would it be an easy snack for the Mantis? I’ve often wondered who would be king of the predator if the two ever crossed paths.

If you’re looking for a big fight scene then you’re not in luck as both go their own way, however, I was still surprised, take a look for yourself. Of course, there may have been some activity before I got there as the Mantis did look unusually un-mantis-like. Maybe the Centipede had already bitten it beforehand. It’s almost as if they respected each others status of killer predator but I’d still say the Centipede had the upperhand!

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

2021 Wall Calendar Available For Pre-Order


Due to the popularity last year, I am again creating a Wall Calendar for 2021 and it is now available for pre-order.

This years calendar is titled “Naturally Algarve” and features 13 of my favourite photographs (not featured in last years!) that you will instantly associate with this amazing region of Portugal. The calendar features 13 months (January to January) with a different photo for each month. This year, I have added some extra features. There are detailed descriptions of each of the 13 photographs and also some fun facts too.

Each page is A4-sized and features a spiral binder with wall hook. To cut down on wasted paper it is printed back-to-back. The price is just €12 and shipping is available to all of the EU and the UK, pickup is also available. I expect them to arrive before the end of September and numbers are limited, so would advise purchasing sooner rather than later.


There are sunsets, seascapes, birds, insects all in amazing quality print. As with last year, they have been designed so that you are able to cut out and keep the photographs and of course large prints are also available in the Web Shop.

Here is a video preview of all the pages!

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Recent Private Commission – A Huge Canvas Landscape


It’s always great to see my work in print and nothing comes better than seeing this Private Commission I have just completed on a huge canvas hanging in my clients living room.

This view in the Lower Alentejo is a favourite of my client and I was commissioned to photograph this view and deliver it printed on a canvas to fill an empty space on her wall. After visiting the property to view the space it was decided that a huge canvas of 180cmx120cm would be perfect. The photograph was taken before the hot summer turned everything brown meaning this late spring view can now be viewed at anytime of the year.

If you have a favourite view you’d like me to capture and deliver in any sized print (or even a digital copy) then please get in touch to discuss the options.

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