Into The Sunset Colours

After the colours not appearing at yesterdays sunset, I wasn’t going to waste the colours tonight but with little time to prepare for a shot I thought I’d try something different.

I grabbed the 500mm lens and decided to shoot “into” the colours and silhouetting a distant ridge here in the Algarve Serra. If you fancy something very different on your wall, prints are available to purchase in the Webshop.

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Cloudy Sunset At Praia do Evaristo

All day yesterday the cloud was full of high wispy clouds so I headed to Praia do Evaristo to shoot from the amazing rocks that separate it from Praia do Castelo and watch the thicker cloud developing.

It was immediately apparent that the clouds were getting too thick for a colourful sunset, but I continued to shoot at various stages of the sunset knowing that the camera would be capturing colours that were difficult to see with the human eye. Once back at the computer it was amazing to see the photos that was well worth the patience of waiting and shooting.

Like the photo? Why not purchase a print from the Webshop.

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Come And See My Display On Friday 1st April At Lagoa

I will be present at the Small Business Market at Convento’bio in Lagoa on Friday 1st April. Come and say hello and take a look at a selection of my work in print. It’s also a great opportunity to purchase my prints at a discounted price!

As this is local to Carvoeiro, I will also have my Special Edition Acrylic of Sunset At Carvoeiro on display too.

Here is a google map of the location – Don’t worry, it’s not a ruin as it looks on Google Map, it’s quite a modern renovation.

The No Sun Sunrise

“There is no bad light. There is spectacular light and difficult light. It’s up to you to use the light you have.” – Quote by Jay Maisel

I plan a lot of shoots in advance, particulary sunrise seascapes. The weather, the sun angle and of course the tide all play an important part for each location. With the dust cloud lingering from Africa it was a gamble this morning if there would be any good light from the sunrise, I suspected not, so had a Plan B to use the conditions in my favour. Some nice long exposures with a “blown out” background. I tried a few angles and positions, but decided that this was the best from the shoot, this really is something different and is available in print in the Web Shop. The location is near Albuferia Marina.

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Silky Sunrise

The purple colours of the sunrise this morning across the ocean was great and I was on top of the cliffs at Praia do Carvalho to capture them. There really is something special about standing on the cliff watching the daylight begin. Using an “ND-Filter” I captured a long exposure which smooths out the movement of the ocean making silk like. There was a slight haze on the horizon which diffused the strength of the sun.

This image is available to purchase in the Web Shop

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Sunrise Stack

Another early alarm clock this morning to head down to one of my favourite childhood memory beaches, Praia do Carvalho. If you have visited this beach you can understand that as a 10 year old in 1984, I thought we had discovered this “Pirate Beach” and nobody else knew about it. Of course, in 1984 there was no development on the cliffs surrounding this beach so really did feel very remote.

Just after sunrise (View Sunrise Photo Here), we (yes, Emma came with me too) headed down onto the beach to capture this photo of the single stack that is present at this amazing beach.

This image is available to purchase in the Web Shop

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