Personal 3 Hour Photography Workshop Sessions

I am available to provide 3 hour personal sessions which can be tailored to your requirements. It can include theory and practical sessions and is available in Alvor, Portimão, Alvor or at a location of your choice in the Algarve region. These sessions are also applicable for learning to use your Smartphone and/or Tablet camera and can also cover Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Many of my clients also use these sessions for location guiding, perhaps you have some great sunset shots to capture, I can assist with the locations.

The great thing about these sessions is that there is no maximum number of sessions you can chose to have allowing you to learn photography at your own pace.

How many people can attend a session?
The sessions are available for up to 5 people. This is to ensure that the correct amount of time can be given to each participant

What equipment will you need?
The sessions can cover any camera technology including Smartphone and Tablets. Should you be wishing to try photography before purchasing a camera, a loan Nikon DSLR Camera is available at no extra cost! Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop workshops are available whether you currently have the software or not.

What topics are covered?
The sessions can cover any number of topics from basic photography through to more advanced control and also post-editing.  Clients often use these sessions for advice and assistance with post-editing in Lightroom and Photoshop

Can these sessions be used as photo tours for locations to shoot?
Absolutely, in fact, most of my clients use these sessions for just that, guiding to locations with expertise available to assist with the shooting.

What time do the sessions begin and end?
Completely up to you, I can tailor them around your requirements. Each session is approximately 3 hours long

What language are the sessions delivered in?
Currently, the sessions are only available in English, but I also speak Portuguese to a “good” level.  Therefore, if you are Portuguese with an understanding of English, this can also be a possibility.

Where is the location?
I do not have a physical location and therefore, the location for theory workshops can change depending on the time of year and availability. Practical shooting sessions can be tailored to your requirements, for example a beach for sunset.  The options are Alvor, Portimão and Praia da Rocha.  However, for a little extra charge, I can come to your location and provide the workshops.

What is the price of each session?
The sessions are priced individually or pre-paid in bulk with discounts

Individual Sessions in Alvor, Portimão and Praia da Rocha
» 1 Attendee : €60.00
» 2 Attendees : €85.00
» 3 Attendees : €110.00
» 4 Attendees : €135.00
» 5 Attendees : €160.00

3 Pre-paid Sessions (15% discount)
» 1 Attendee : €153.00
» 2 Attendees : €217.75
» 3 Attendees : €280.50
» 4 Attendees : €344.25
» 5 Attendees : €408.00

5 Pre-paid Sessions (20% discount)
» 1 Attendee : €240.00
» 2 Attendees : €340.00
» 3 Attendees : €440.00
» 4 Attendees : €540.00
» 5 Attendees : €640.00

Other locations in the Algarve are subject to travelling costs which are an additional charge per session relating to the following one-way driving distances from Portimão.
For locations outside the Algarve region over 80km, please Contact Me for more information and pricing.

» Up to 20km : Free
» Up to 40km : €15 per session
» Up to 80km : €25 per session
» Over 80km : €30 per session

(A client with me shooting an Algarve sunrise on the cliffs above Praia dos Arrifes)

Payment is required in advance by either PayPal (inc Credit/Debit card without a PayPal account), WB WAY or Bank Transfer (IBAN).

Please Contact Me for more information or to arrange sessions.

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  • positive review  Highly Recommend Craig, if your stuck on Auto as my wife and I were this man will help you learn all you need to know about your camera and using it to its full potential, with his expert knowledge ,patience and years of experience as a wildlife photographer, if you live in the Algarve and need any help photography related Craig is your man can’t rate his teaching highly enough.

    Peter Cumming Avatar Peter Cumming
    18th January 2020
  • positive review  Thanks to Craig, finally got my camera off auto, he explains everything clearly, presentation teaching was fantastic, going to practise our new skills & look forward look to part 2 in 2weeks

    Debbie Cumming Avatar Debbie Cumming
    18th January 2020
  • positive review  Would recommend the Fundamentals Workshop for anyone with digital SLR. The course uses both classroom and practical sessions to explain how to get the full and best use out of the camera. Craig delivers the subject with such enthusiasm.

    Chris Rowe Avatar Chris Rowe
    28th August 2019
  • positive review  What an amazing day spent at the Photography Workshop. I have loved photography for years, but could never venture past the Auto button! Craig simplified the mystique of photography and has given me the confidence to get out and really make the most of my camera!

    Morag Richardson Avatar Morag Richardson
    27th August 2019
  • positive review  I've been an amateur photographer for years but decided to attend Craig's "Photography Fundamentals Workshop” having purchased a new camera and not really getting the best results with it. Craig takes you through how the different functions on your camera affect the output and how to use this to achieve taking the photographs you want. This has given me the confidence to experiment with settings that I had previously avoided. I also realised that over the years I had misunderstood several functions, so it was good to learn their correct use. The workshop includes both classwork and practical photography in the local village so you can put into practice what you have learnt as you go along. Craig is very knowledgeable and I learnt a huge amount, I am very grateful and thoroughly recommend the workshop.

    Martin Lutley Avatar Martin Lutley
    27th August 2019
  • positive review  Craig is an excellent teacher and has a wealth of knowlege regarding the local area and its inhabitants

    Geoff Armstrong Avatar Geoff Armstrong
    19th June 2019
  • positive review  I had a most inspiring day and learnt a lot attending the Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop. Craig is very generous and happy to share his knowledge. I’ll be back for a nature walk (or two). Thanks Craig

    Cilla Nyström Larsson Avatar Cilla Nyström Larsson
    16th May 2019
  • positive review  Anne and I really enjoyed Craig's workshop. It was prefessionally designed and presented, very helpful and a lot of fun. We learned a lot and are much more comfortable switching off the "auto" settings! Highly recommended for beginners and those with more experience. Well done.

    Tim Hall Avatar Tim Hall
    5th March 2019
  • positive review  What a wonderful experience! A great one-on-one workshop for me, a luxury, but I learned so much. Craig is a wonderful teacher and mentor, everything is very easygoing and very well explained. I would highly recommend Crag and his workshop! It is a great way to learn the more 'complicated' issues on a DSLR, well they turned out not to be so complicated .. Fun day... am now of France to put the knowledge into practice! And Craig, hope to see you soon again for a follow up!

    Taqui Quinta Avatar Taqui Quinta
    18th December 2018
  • positive review  What an enjoyable day. Criag's workshop is interesting and fun in a beautiful part of the Algarve. I am a complete novice and came away having learnt so much and it was all explained in a very understandable way. I would not hesitate to recommend Craig and his workshop and look forward to starting to finally enjoy my camera. Thank you!

    Julie Coulson Avatar Julie Coulson
    26th October 2018

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