Natural Dog Photo Shoots

There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors interacting with your Dog(s) in a way only an owner can do. As an owner of Wally, a rescue dog, I only know that too well. Using my wildlife photography skills I’m able to capture photographs of dogs with the essence of capturing that perfect interaction.

There are many photography services offering Pet Portraits, of course these are great, but in my opinion do not really show the true nature of the pet when photographed in a studio environment. Having your dog(s) photographed outdoors where they love to run, play, jump, chase, swim really captures their true character.


I think it’s important for the Dog to be comfortable in his/her own environment so my service includes me visiting a location of your choice within the Algarve or Lower Alentejo for the photo shoot which should take up to 3 hours, may be longer if combined with multiple Dogs. During the shoot, your dog(s) will remain with you at all time and I will simply photograph the interaction you have. The photos can be in-action, static portraits or a combination of either and can even include some atmospheric shots if location and light allows.

The following formats help if you have multiple Dogs or wish to combine the session with other owners. All formats include at least 10 digital photos (both High Resolution and Lower Resolution) and your choice of either A4 (approx 21x30cm) or A3 (approx 30x42cm) sized prints with the option of purchasing additional prints in various sizes at a later date.The prints are on high-quality Luster paper, printed professionally in-house to ensure fantastic quality. I can also provide prints on huge prints on paper or canvas, these will be provided by a 3rd party printing service, therefore, I will obtain a cost when required due to fluctuations.

Single Dog : €100
2 Dogs : €120
3 Dogs : €140
Larger groups are also available

A 20% deposit is required to confirm your booking date. Gift Vouchers are also available in the Shop.

To book your spot or redeem a Gift Voucher, please Contact Me for further information

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