First Rays On The Rocks

The first sunrise shot of 2022 at Praia dos Arrifes. There is something magical about arriving on a beach in the dark and witnessing dawn turning to sunrise turning to daylight. This morning I experienced just that, I was on the beach in almost complete darkness whilst I set the camera up with the aid of a torch and waited for sunrise.

This photograph is available as a print in the Web Shop.

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2022 Wall Calendars Are Now Available To Order!

This has been a real fun project and I’m proud to announce that my 2022 Wall Calendar is now available to order.

Titled “A Gull’s-Eye View Of the Algarve South Coast” each of the 13 month (January to January) features a drone photography of some of my favourite locations along this amazing coastline.

I am expecting delivery by the 18th November from the printers, but they are available to order now. Get in quick as there is a limited number available.

Previews of each page is available in the Calendar Shop