A Huge Kettle Of Migrating Griffon Vultures

I was sat enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee this morning when a call from the garden came, it was Emma shouting “VULTURES!!!!…… LOTS OF THEM!!!!”. I stepped outside to a cloud filled sky of a large kettle (the collective name of Vultures in flight) of Griffon Vultures.

These large birds with a wingspan of up to 2.8 metres kept coming, lots of them, soaring high in the sky heading South-West. I estimated there to be at least 200 of them!

Griffon Vultures are one of the last to migrate hence why they can be seen this late into October and many of them will be juveniles. Unfortunatly, Griffon Vulture numbers are down in Portugal due to the government strictly following the EU directive of removing/burying dead cattle to eliminate the risk of Mad Cow disease. Spain does not follow this directive hence the larger numbers found across the border.

I scrambled to the studio to grab a camera….

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A Pair Of Bonelli’s Eagles Around The Quinta

Just wow, sometimes we are gifted a show by Bonelli’s Eagles soaring past, however, a pair have spotted a rather tasty flock of Pigeons that a neighbouring Quinta keeps. The pair of Bonelli’s have been here all day doing their best to grab an easy meal. I’ve not actually seen one catch a Pigeon but I have seen them diving and the Pigeon numbers have also decreased.

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The Acorn Harvesters Are Busy

There are lots and I mean lots of Jays locally collecting food from the rich source of Acorns available.

Although you can only see one Acorn, this Jay probably has a few inside its gullet too. Ever wondered why an Oak tree starts to grown in a strange place where there are no Oak trees close by? It probably came from a “cached” Acorn that was forgotten about.

My Digital Photography Fundamental Workshops Are Back – New Venue – New Format!

My Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshops are back and are better than ever!

If there is any positive of the Covid-19 restrictions is that I was able to sit back and re-structure this popular workshop. I listened to your feedback and also my own thoughts.

A lot of people asked if I was ever going to host the workshops nearer the south coast rather than here in the hills. I took a while to find the perfect location, but many thanks to Boogie Bounce Portugal, an ideal location has been found.

The new location is Parchal which is near to both Portimão and Lagoa within easy reach of many. Google Map

Not everybody could make a weekday and therefore, I have moved the workshops to a Saturday!

I couldn’t help notice that over the years many people struggled with the full-day almost bootcamp style format of the workshops and have therefore decided to split the workshops into two parts. Each part is four hours and in the afternoon. The current format is there is a workshop on the 2nd Saturday of every month which alternates between parts one and two. For example, if part one was to fall on the 2nd Saturday of June, then part two would be the 2nd Saturday of July. This gives ample time to practice the skills learnt before the 2nd part.

Spaces are limited to 8 attendees and loan cameras are also available should you require. The cost is just €55 per person.

Booking is already available from November 13th and for all of 2022, BOOK HERE!GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE HERE

Here is the taster video for the workshop…

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}