Nightingales Singing At Midnight (Recording)

I posted earlier that I had spotted a Nightingale making a rare appearance out of thick cover (Read more…). Tonight the air was totally still, not even a gentle breeze so I setup my phone camera to record the amazing chorus we have around the Quinta. There was also a Fox calling in the distance, but unfortunately, you can’t really make it out.

Turn your volume up and enjoy!

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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Nightingale Grating Call (Audio Recording)

This morning I was down by the river and heard a grating noise that I’ve never heard before. I sat there for a while to try to get a glimpse of the birds making the noise. Eventually, one came out of the thick tree cover, it was Nightingales chattering to each other. I’ve heard their high pitched repetitive call and obviously the amazing song of the males, but never this chattering call. To me it sounds like a cross between a Frog and a muffled Crow.

I took a recording, you may have to turn up your volume to hear them in the background. You’ll have to listen through the noisy Zitting Cisticola flying around. You can also hear the Nightingale’s normal high-pitched call too.

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The stunning sound of Nightingales

The “Feira do Folar” is a 3 day festival over the Easter weekend at my local town, Sao Marcos da Serra.

Last night I attended and after many (local) Gin and Fresh Oranges I walked the 20 minute trek back to the house.

The Moon was full a few days ago so was just about lighting the way through some broken clouds. Apart from this it was pitch black. I sat on a step at a local public well and listened to the fantastic chorus of Nightingales.

I took a recording on my mobile phone and thought I’d share it. Sometimes, you don’t need vision to appreciate the nature around you.

About 5 minutes after this recording, I stumbled across a family of Javali (Wild Boar) and it’s a good job the phone wasn’t recording as it gave me a bit of a shock and many expletives were said! Luckily, the Javali were also just as startled and made their way into the thick bush.

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