Cloudy Sunset At Praia do Evaristo

All day yesterday the cloud was full of high wispy clouds so I headed to Praia do Evaristo to shoot from the amazing rocks that separate it from Praia do Castelo and watch the thicker cloud developing.

It was immediately apparent that the clouds were getting too thick for a colourful sunset, but I continued to shoot at various stages of the sunset knowing that the camera would be capturing colours that were difficult to see with the human eye. Once back at the computer it was amazing to see the photos that was well worth the patience of waiting and shooting.

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The No Sun Sunrise

“There is no bad light. There is spectacular light and difficult light. It’s up to you to use the light you have.” – Quote by Jay Maisel

I plan a lot of shoots in advance, particulary sunrise seascapes. The weather, the sun angle and of course the tide all play an important part for each location. With the dust cloud lingering from Africa it was a gamble this morning if there would be any good light from the sunrise, I suspected not, so had a Plan B to use the conditions in my favour. Some nice long exposures with a “blown out” background. I tried a few angles and positions, but decided that this was the best from the shoot, this really is something different and is available in print in the Web Shop. The location is near Albuferia Marina.

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2022 Wall Calendars Are Now Available To Order!

This has been a real fun project and I’m proud to announce that my 2022 Wall Calendar is now available to order.

Titled “A Gull’s-Eye View Of the Algarve South Coast” each of the 13 month (January to January) features a drone photography of some of my favourite locations along this amazing coastline.

I am expecting delivery by the 18th November from the printers, but they are available to order now. Get in quick as there is a limited number available.

Previews of each page is available in the Calendar Shop

Igreja De Nossa Senhora Da Rocha

Whilst I waited for the sun to set for my Christmas Photo, I decided to shoot a photograph when the setting sun was directly behind the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Rocha. For those that are not aware, this is a small church situated right on the end of a small headland near Porches. It is very popular with Algarve weddings.

The Gulls seemed to know exactly where to fly to make the shot even more interesting.

This is available to purchase in print (framed or unframed) in the Web Shop. MORE INFO…

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Happy Christmas

For this years Christmas Photo I wanted to be able to use the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn as a Christmas Star so came up with the idea to use it with the amazing cliff top church of “Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Rocha” near Armaçao de Pera.

There was no way it would work without the help of a little Photoshop manipulation, but I was determined not to completely cheat.

I shot a photo about 20 minutes after sunset from the opposite cliff to the church and then waited for complete darkness to fall. I could have easily just painted some white dots, but instead, I shot the planets at 1000mm (500mm f/4 with 2x teleconverter) and in Photoshop I resized this photo to the correct ratio compared to the church. Then with a little bling added it was blended into the sunset shot.

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas wherever you may be and lets all wish for a much better and safer 2021!

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