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I was checking through some older un-processed photos today and came across this amazing photo of Wally from May 2019. I don’t take as many photos during the walks as I used to with Wally as it was easy when there was just Wally, now there is Wally, Millie and Snowy it’s a little but of a handful.

It also reminded me to let remind you that Gift Vouchers are available for my Natural Dog Photo Shoots. Looking for something different to give as a Christmas gift this year? They are available to purchase right here with a customised voucher emailed directly to you where you can either print off or send electronically as a gift.

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Wally’s Enjoying The Larger River Pools – Plus 10% Xmas Discount Off Dogs-In-Nature Gift Vouchers!

The river pools are getting larger by the day but even after all the rain there is no sign of the river running anytime soon. However, Wally was enjoying running in an out of one of the larger pools this morning and I was at hand with the camera to capture him.

Why not give a different gift this year to anyone living in the Algarve or Lower Alentejo, a Dogs-In-Nature Gift Voucher and up until Christmas Eve, enjoy a 10% discount! For more information on my Dogs-In-Nature photo shoots, please Read Here!

I love the way that the early morning sun is catching the water droplets.

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Wally Exiting The River
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Where’s Wally And Who Is The Lookalike?

I was asked by 2 followers recently why there hasn’t been any Dog Walk photos recently. For those that don’t know me personally won’t know that Lupi, our 2nd rescue dog was tragically killed a short while ago. As you can imagine, we were devastated and we continue to grieve. However, time moves on and because we originally took Lupi as a companion for Wally we decided to rescue another dog.

Therefore, we now have Millie, as you can see, shes almost a Mini-Wally. She is 5 months old and is another rescued dog. This morning I took a few snaps of her running about.

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Millie Having Fun
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Morning Dog Walk: Lupi’s First Action Shots

For those that are quite new to my blog posts, most mornings I take a camera along on my dog walk with the infamous Wally and our (not so) newcomer Lupi. We took Lupi from the council kennels in Lagos just 10 weeks ago, he is (as good as) deaf and he was very scared and shy (see Blog Post).

In the first few weeks we honestly thought that we would never be able to let Lupi off the lead on the walks, something Wally has the freedom of, however, slowly but surely things have become different and in just this short time we have enough trust in each other that Lupi can enjoy what he is naturally engineered for, running!

Here are a few shots from his first real freedom run around this morning!

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Lupi Enjoying His Freedom!
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Morning Dog Walk: 3 Pictures Say 3 Thousand Words

As the old saying goes; “A picture says a thousand words”, well in this case, 3 pictures of Lupi tells a huge story. It’s been just over 6 weeks since we collected Lupi from the Kennel and although there is still a long road ahead, he is a very different dog to the shy and frightened boy we decided to give a life of freedom to.

Obviously, when we first collected him, there was no way he could be let off the lead, just look at the photos, this post needs no further text!

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Lupi Enjoying Life Off-Lead
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