A Chilly Morning At The Reflection Table

Over the past couple of weeks, my Reflection Table has started to attract visitors so this morning I was up at sunrise in the hope of appearances from some feathered friends.

It was a cold 2 degrees (Celsius) and whilst that may not sound cold to some of you, for us (now seasoned) Algarvers, it is chilly. The surface of the water had a light covering of ice, so reflections were not possible until this melted, however, the table still attracted some visitors.

First up was a very brief visit from a Male Sardinian Warbler that landed on the perch gave a sort of shake-down before moving on its way. I managed to grab a shot of him shaking his wings and tail before he flew away.

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Male Sardinian Warbler - Toutinegra-de-cabeça-preta - Sylvia melanocephala
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My DIY Reflection Pool

I have been wanting a permanent reflection pool for a long time, some of you may remember my Temporary Reflection Pool from 2015. I thought of a few locations, but in the end I decided to place it near the Oasis Hide. It has been constructed to have early morning sunrise light which is when birds often look for water, of course, this means there is a possibility of some nice back-lit photos towards sunset time too.

It had to be raised off the ground to bring it almost to the height of the lens hole in the hide to get eye level with any birds and I was going to build a wooden platform when I had a brain wave. Last year one of our Water Heater Solar Panels sprung a leak which meant they had to be replaced. Luckily, we still had the old panels so I decided to strip one down to use the chassis as body to hold the water.

Striped down Water Heating Solar Panel

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First Session In the Oasis Hide

I settled myself in the new Oasis Hide this morning just before the sun came over the ridge and waited for it to shine down on The Oasis.

I didn’t take long before the Zitting Cisticolas came for breakfast. They look for the bugs inside the Oasis to eat. These tiny birds (around 11cm) seem to sit on the grasses and then jump down to the ground, they do eat Grass Hoppers and Crickets of which are in abundance right now.

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Zitting Cisticola

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