Silves At Sunset

I’ve been wanting to get a sunset shot at Silves for a while but I’ve been waiting for the right moment when I could get an angle of the sun dropping behind the castle walls. Yesterday things lined up nicely and the skies were clear which is a nice change from all the storms recently.

Using the PhotoPills App I was able to find a location to shoot from and headed down at sunset for the following photographs;

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This first shot was just as the sun was dropping behind the castle wall

Silves ao Pôr do Sol - Silves at Sunset

Next shot, the sun is just behind the walls creating a nice silhoutte

Castelo e Sé de Silves silhueta ao pôr-do-sol - Castle and Cathedral of Silves silhouette at sunset

Finally a shot well after sunset. I actually found this shot very tough to shoot and even tougher to edit. The problem is that everything is a similar colour orange (sky, walls and street lights) and was therefore difficult to separate any detail.

Silves ao Pôr do Sol - Silves at Sunset

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