Four Special Edition Acrylic Prints Available!

Occasionally, I print some of my favoured and colourful work on Acrylic. This is an expensive process where the image is printed onto a piece of acrylic and then sealed at the back with white background. The effect is amazing as it allows light to enter the acrylic and make the photograph look like it’s back-lit.

I can now announce 4 new photographs in special edition 60x40cm Acrylic prints of Carvoeiro, Burgau, Praia de São Rafael and one of my best sellers, the Hazy Sunset at Arco de Albandeira.

These acrylics can be viewed at my Gallery Room by appointment near São Marcos da Serra or I can deliver or meet in the central Algarve area.

Click on each image to view in the online shop, the original photos are also shown below too.

Sunset At Carvoeiro

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New Special Edition Large Acrylic Prints Now Available Of 2 Of My Favourites!

Occasionally, I will produce Single, Limited & Special Edition Prints to compliment all the prints available in the Web Shop.

I have produced 2 new Special Edition Prints (just 1 of each are available) that are now available to purchase. Both prints are printed on acrylic in a large 60x40cm dimension.

Acrylic is an expensive printing process which is printed directly onto 3mm thick acrylic and then sealed with a white background giving a stunning polished frameless look with real depth. It creates a view as if the image is back-lit which really makes the colours stand out to the viewer. I am able to offer local pickup here in São Marcos da Serra or I will personally deliver within a small radius of the central Algarve region, I can also deliver to the town of Ourique in the Alentejo.

No matter how hard I try, the beauty of these acrylic prints cannot be appreciated by a photograph and viewing is also available, please Contact Me to discuss this, the Coffee is on me!

Please note, there is only 1 print available of each image so be quick!

The first image I chose to produce was Waves At Dusk. This image was taken on Praia de São Rafael just after sunset and captures the waves washing back out to sea.

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