Sunrise Over São Marcos da Serra

What to do when the persistent rain keeps coming? There is always the option of photographing the rain but as I’ve only just about dried out after our very wet Nature Photography Walk, I have been practicing my Lightroom and Photoshop skills. I have recently started to play with “Luminosity Blending” which takes two (or more) images shot of the same scene with different exposures and blending them together by selecting dark and light areas. The idea is to achieve a photo that is closest to the dynamic range that a human eye can see whereas a camera sensor cannot. If you want to see what I mean, take a photo inside your house including the inside and the outside through a window. The camera will struggle to expose for the outside light and the inside dark but your eyes will see it all fine.

This technique of blending is similar to HDR however, it has far greater control of the blending.

So here is a photo that I took back in October 2017. It is made from 2 exposures, 1 exposed for the sky so the foreground and village were underexposed and another exposed for the village so the sky was overexposed. They are blended together to use the sky from the first exposure and the foreground from the 2nd exposure.

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A New Day Begins
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