Day 2 Of The Local Fire And It’s Good News

After checking around midnight, I went to sleep knowing the fire was under control. This morning, they have done an amazing job to tame it and now just hot spots remain on the ground.

Air support was back dropping water on the hot spots and also a small flare up when the wind suddenly changed to a Southerly, as forecast. However, it looks like it is now under full control and currently there are no active fronts burning.

The photos show both the devastation to the local Cork Oak Trees and also some of the amazing Bombeiros and Pilots still at the scene. Some photos may appear to be slightly out of focus, they are not this is the incredible heat haze rising from the torched ground.

(Click photo to open in Lightbox)

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Surprising the Lagoa Bombeiros With Some Gifts

You may remember a short while back that a photograph I donated to the “Alerta de incêndio florestal” Fine Art Auction to raise well needed money for the Bombeiros reached an amazing €150.

The following day I was contacted by Debby Burton (Alerta Chief!) to tell me that word had filtered down that the Bombeiros who assisted with the carrying of the artwork to and from the stage during the auction wanted the photograph but was out of their budget to bid. Without a thought, I offered a framed print to donate to them to hang on the walls of the Lagoa station.

We have been waiting for the same shift staff to be at the station and this afternoon was the time to turn up with Debby & husband ‘Bertie’ along with Bomberios Chief Gabriel to surprise them with a framed print. I also took along 2 smaller prints from the same day. It was an honour to present these prints to these incredibly hard working people who put their lives at risk to protect the lives of many others!

(If you are wondering who took the first photo, well done to my partner Emma who took charge of the camera!)

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Another Big Fire In The Monchique Mountains

In 2016, there was a huge fire that was started deliberately on top of Foia which is the highest peak in the Algarve, part of the Monchique range. Today, the area is alight again, this time a little further north of Foia in an area called Perna Da Negra and too early to know what caused it, quite possibly the intense heat we are current getting. A local village had been evacuated due to the fire being close, however, last time I heard, the village should be in no danger. There are 2 separate active fronts to this fire and the last count was nearing 600 firefighters tackling it. Of course, at night, the air support is grounded, but earlier, there was up to 9 air support vehicles.

We could clearly see the smoke from the Quinta even though it is a very long distance away and a few Helicopters flew over en-route. Tonight, in the very distance, the sky is glowing red. I got my 500mm lens out and took this long exposure of the distant ridge. Normally we see a nice glow red at sunset over this ridge, but tonight, it’s a very different glow. Hopefully, all are safe and the fires are resolved soon. As always, a huge gratitude to the “Bombeiros” for the amazing job they do!

Sky glowing red from the fires in Perna Da Negra

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