A Very Brief Glimpse Of A Genet

You may have seen an Instagram post a few days ago about me setting up my Trail Camera to catch what I thought maybe Otter using a trail.

3 days of recording and nothing but a Mouse and a Blackbird had set it off, until I checked the camera from last night. Just at 11pm the camera captured the following footage. Blink and you’ll miss, but you will see that it’s a Common Genet (Genetta genetta). I have seen one before slightly further away from the house, but this is quite close to our house. I now hope to position the camera in a spot where it’s less likely to just walk straight past. The species of animals we keep finding near to the house is constantly growing and keeps us ever amazed to live in the hills of the Algarve.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

Although Genets look Cat-like, they are not part of the Felidae family, they are Viverridae.

Common Genet

For a detailed description and photos, please see the excellent page on Wildscreen Arkive

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