Now Is A Great Time For A Dogs-In-Nature Shoot

As we are starting to head towards Springtime here in the Algarve, the angle of the sun is getting higher in the sky which of course will bring the hot climate we all enjoy here. However, this means the amazing light that the low angle of the autumn and winter sun will soon be leaving us behind.

This morning I had a quick photo session with Millie, the craziest of our 3 dogs, although she is still a youngster. If you are interested in your very own “Dogs-In-Nature” Photo Shoot, then please find more information HERE.

Dogs-In-Nature Gift Vouchers are also available should you wish to surprise someone with something different!

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Recent Dogs-In-Nature Photoshoot Of A Pair Of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in their own garden. It was a tricky shoot due to the amount of trees and bushes, but came away with photos that the owner loves. A Dogs-In-Nature shoot allows the dog(s) to behave normally and allows me to capture the natural behaviour that you will always remember.

For more information on these unique shoots, please see the Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoot page. If you are thinking of something very different for a Christmas present, then why not give a Dogs-In-Nature Gift Voucher?

Here are just a couple of examples from the shoot.

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Where’s Wally And Who Is The Lookalike?

I was asked by 2 followers recently why there hasn’t been any Dog Walk photos recently. For those that don’t know me personally won’t know that Lupi, our 2nd rescue dog was tragically killed a short while ago. As you can imagine, we were devastated and we continue to grieve. However, time moves on and because we originally took Lupi as a companion for Wally we decided to rescue another dog.

Therefore, we now have Millie, as you can see, shes almost a Mini-Wally. She is 5 months old and is another rescued dog. This morning I took a few snaps of her running about.

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Millie Having Fun
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Morning Dog Walk: Lupi’s First Action Shots

For those that are quite new to my blog posts, most mornings I take a camera along on my dog walk with the infamous Wally and our (not so) newcomer Lupi. We took Lupi from the council kennels in Lagos just 10 weeks ago, he is (as good as) deaf and he was very scared and shy (see Blog Post).

In the first few weeks we honestly thought that we would never be able to let Lupi off the lead on the walks, something Wally has the freedom of, however, slowly but surely things have become different and in just this short time we have enough trust in each other that Lupi can enjoy what he is naturally engineered for, running!

Here are a few shots from his first real freedom run around this morning!

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Lupi Enjoying His Freedom!
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Lupi’s 1st Portrait

It was the first “Wally & Lupi Morning Dog Walk” this morning, yes there were a lot of bird life around including the Bee-Eaters, Kingfishers and Golden Orioles, but today it was all about Lupi.

He is, of course, still very timid and doesn’t really understand why he’s not at the kennel anymore, but in time, I’m sure we’ll see a personality start developing. If it doesn’t, then it really doesn’t matter, Lupi can be whatever he wants to be.

He was sat on the river bank this morning taking in his new surroundings and I snapped this headshot of him. As you can see, he has very similar orange eyes to Wally!

So here is one of many photos you’ll see over the coming years of this special dog.

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There Will Be No More “Wally Walks”…..

….but there will be “Wally & Lupi Walks”.

At the weekends Fair we spotted Lupi at the Lagos Canil (Lagos Dog Kennels) Stand and immediately both agreed that he’d be the perfect brother for Wally.

It’s going to take a while to settle him in as he is a little timid. He also is hard of hearing and possibly deaf but I have noticed that he reacts to a loud high-pitched whistle.

As you can see, Wally is so happy with his company. I look forward to bringing you some exciting stories of our morning walks.

Here they are in the back of the car on the way home today.

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