Drone Footage Of The Odelouca River In Flood (Video)

After more torrential rain overnight thanks to Storm Felix, the River than runs through our land has again flooded. So today I took the drone up to get a birds eye view.

Just 10 days ago the river was still dry from last summer. In just these 10 days it has flooded twice due to the deluge of rain. It’s the River Odelouca which feeds the Odelouca Barragem, the main drinking water supply for the Algarve, so the water is very welcome apart from the flooding which will cause some issues for the wildlife living around the banks.

Keep a look out after 30 seconds, you can just make out the Fox Hole on the side of the track on the left where the water level has reached, hopefully it won’t flood the den.

{Remember to watch in HD or 4K if possible}

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Update on our Resident Foxes

A couple of updates on our resident Foxes! As you can see from this still shot, I’m now certain this is the Vixen and that she has recently given birth. You can clearly see her enlarged nipples on her underside. The last few clips on the video below clearly show them.

Lactating Vixen
Lactating Vixen

I’ve also noticed a pattern over the last week. I have been filming them every night and the same thing happens. Last night it happened twice. The Male Fox comes to feed and after a few visits, he’ll return and pickup as much food as he can fit in his mouth. Then between 7 and 10 minutes later, the Vixen shows up. I can only assume that the Male is taking food back to her to eat and then she comes and visits herself. Last night this pattern occurred twice.

Check out the video from last night and I’ve added the times of each clip so you’ll see what I mean. It was very gusty last night so the Foxes where a bit more jumpy than usual which is why the Male in the “2nd sitting” performs multiple grab and runs! Remember to switch to HD where possible.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

Possible proof that the Vixen has given birth?

Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see, however, I set the Bushnell camera up last night to give a side angle of (again, what I think is) the Vixen.

It was a bit frosty last night so was affecting the camera lens a little so quality isn’t great, however, if you compare last nights still-shot against one from just over 2 weeks ago, I’m sure you’ll agree that this Fox is not as “round” as it was. The Fox in both photos are the same Fox as it’s recognisable by a long thin tail with the tip being slightly crooked.

Also, on last nights shot, is that proof of lactating????? There’s certainly some bumpy patches under there. I’ll try and get some super close-ups tonight.

9th March - Looks nice and round.
9th March – Looks nice and round.
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A visit from (what we think is) the Vixen.

Last night, we captured (what we believe to be) the Male Fox feeding and again taking mouthfuls of food away, possibly back to the Den to feed the Female. We also had the Mouse back stealing the food. The camera captured the male back for more food 9 minutes after taking away the mouthful. Therefore, if he is the male and he is taking food back to the female, then the Den can’t be far away.

Later in the morning, we did have a visit from what we think is the Female. She looks a little thinner than the last time we saw her (if she is indeed the she!). I couldn’t make out from the footage if she is lactating or not.

It’s not easy to determine the sex of a Fox, but the pair are vastly different. What we believe to be the Male has a big bushy tail and what we believe to be the female has a long thin tail.

I’ll continue to leave the camera out at night, any developments, I’ll let you know.

Mouthful.  Taking back to feed the Vixen?
Mouthful. Taking back to feed the Vixen?
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