Google Nik Software Collection is now FREE

Google Nik Collection
Google Nik Collection
In the mid-90s, Nik began making image editing software applications that operate as a plug-in for all the major image editing software applications (Photoshop, Lightroom etc.). The price for the software collection was around $500 (can’t remember what it was in £).

The collection includes the following software (descriptions taken from Wikipedia)

  • Analog Efex Pro – Applies film-era camera, lens and film simulation to digital images
  • Color Efex Pro – Package of filters that comes with many effects e.g. HDR effect
  • Dfine – Noise Reduction
  • HDR Efex Pro – Specialised program for processing HDR pictures
  • Sharpener Pro – Image sharpening
  • Silver Efex Pro – Black & White conversion
  • Viveza – Colour control with advanced functions to change contrast and saturation

Even thought they are designed as a plug-in, they can be used as a standalone application, but can be a bit quirky. A Google search shows up many guides to using them as a standalone application.

A few years ago, Google bought Nik Software, they dropped the price down to just $150.

However, Google have recently announced that the entire software collection is now free!

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