My Local Mediterranean Tree Frogs Were Active During Daylight Today

Normally the local Mediterranean Tree Frogs wait until dusk before they start calling but this afternoon I was in the garden and I could hear two of them calling. So I headed down to take a look.

You may remember last year I got in a local disused Cistern to photograph and film them calling (click the link to watch the video). This year there is very little water in the Cistern but they are gathering at a large flooded area next to it. Of course, this will probably dry up, but they must be used to breeding in dry conditions.

The Mediterranean Tree Frog is very similar to the smaller European Tree Frog apart from the black stripe. As you can tell from the photos the black stripe stops at its front legs whereas the European Tree Frog’s runs the length of its body. This is why the Mediterranean is often called the Stripeless Tree Frog.

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Mediterranean Tree Frog - Rela-meridional - Hyla meridionalis
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Mediterranean Tree Frogs Calling (Video)

After finding the breeding spot for the Mediterranean Tree Frogs a few days ago, I decided that this months article for the Algarve Resident will be all about these little green guys. However, I also wanted to get a recording of them calling.

So, it was Shoes and Socks off and back into the irrigation tank to capture some video, the dogs you can hear in the background are from a nearby house, it was because they could see the lights and movement. I also got a photograph of one sitting high in the grass which can be seen below the video (it’s also the cover photo for the YouTube Video).

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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Mediterranean Tree Frogs Right On Our Doorstep

Most nights at this time of year, just after sunset, we can hear a loud croaking coming from a location nearby. So I decided to investigate what Frogs/Toads make these loud noises. After following the noise I stumbled across an old disused Cisterna (Water Storage Tank). The noise is amplified by the concrete circular wall which is why it can be heard from a distance. I could see the Frogs but not close enough to identify. I decided that I’d return the following night with the camera, but needed a light as I’m not a fan of using flash on wildlife in the dark.

Mediterranean Tree Frog Calling (Male)

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