Green Heron, An American Refugee

A few weeks ago news started spreading about a Green Heron being spotted at Quinta do Lago. The Green Heron is commonly seen in wetlands of North and Central America but is not a species found in Europe except for very rare vagrants. It is believed to have been brought here during the storms, particularly Hurricane Leslie, a few months ago. More photos below.

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Green Heron - Garçote-verde - Butorides virescens
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Grey Heron and a Flock of Iberian Magpies taking a bath (Video)

It’s been quiet on the River Cam the last few days, maybe something related to the rain (yippee!) we’ve been having here in the Algarve.

However, quiet it might be, I still have 2 videos to share.

First up, a Grey Heron decided to visit looking for some aquatic life to feast on. These shallow river pools that are created by the river being dry makes perfect wading areas, however, I suspect the amount of food for the large waders is starting to run out now and the river needs to start running again soon.

[UPDATE] Since writing this post I learnt about the Azure-winged Magpies being the incorrect name for the species found in Europe, it is called the Iberian Magpie, more details can be seen in this post.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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