International Space Station (ISS) At Twilight

At 6pm this evening an email came through from alerting me of the ISS passing over at 6:20pm. A quick look outside and there was a nice orange glow to the twilight. I checked the path of the ISS and it was approaching from the North West and passing to the South East, straight across my view of the twilight.

I set the camera up in the garden with some Yucca Plants to frame the shot and waited.

Soon enough, the bright ISS came into frame. I took four 20 second shots and merged them together to create this image of the light streak as it flies over head at 27600kmh, yes that’s almost 8km every second!

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International Space Station (ISS) at Twilight
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International Space Station During Twilight

This evening, the International Space Station (ISS) passed over right at Civil Twilight (the time of sunset where humans required artificial lighting) which made a perfect scene.

It was due to pass to the North-West so I setup the camera on the front terrace and took a guess of it’s path, using tracking website as my guide. I also have pass notifications configured to email me in advance of passes.

This photo is 5 separate 20 second exposures stitched together in Photoshop. The long exposures give the light trail as it moves at almost 28,000kph on it’s orbit.

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International Space Station (ISS) Above The Algarve Serra
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International Space Station Trail

The ISS is again passing over the UK at regular intervals and tonight was a clear night to see a very bright passing.

To avoid star trails, this photo is made up of 4 separate shots using the D810’s internal intervalometer and then layered together in Photoshop.

If you wish to view the ISS passing over, check out or one of the many other websites and mobile apps that are available to give you details of the passes.

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International Space Station (ISS) Trail over the UK
ISS Flyby – D810, AF-S 24-70 f/2.8E @ 27mm, f/2.8, ISO800, 15sec (x4 shots)- {Flickr Link}
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