Silky Sunrise

The purple colours of the sunrise this morning across the ocean was great and I was on top of the cliffs at Praia do Carvalho to capture them. There really is something special about standing on the cliff watching the daylight begin. Using an “ND-Filter” I captured a long exposure which smooths out the movement of the ocean making silk like. There was a slight haze on the horizon which diffused the strength of the sun.

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Hazy Arco de Albanderia (Again!)

Last year I visited Arco de Albandeira for a sunset photo and unexpected haze arrived, surely it couldn’t happen again? Er, yes!

After a cloudy start yesterday morning, the forecast was looking perfect for a typical Algarve colourful sunset so I decided to head to Arco de Albanderia near Porches for a sunset shot. As I arrived it was immediately clear that the typical Algarve sunset wasn’t going to happen. However, I decided to stay and photograph it anyway. Sometimes, even if you think the results are going to be terrible, you are pleasantly surprised. This image will be available in print (along with many others) when my new print shop goes live (hopefully) tomorrow.

Can you see the Fisherman on the cliff in the distance?

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Arco de Albandeira at Sunset

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