Lesser Kestrels In The Alentejo Region

I was in the Alentejo region this morning so decided to drop into the LPN Centre as I am looking to become a member. For those that don’t know Portugal, Alentejo is the next region up from the Algarve and has large areas of Steppe terrain. The LPN is the Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (League for Protection of Nature) and they have a Lesser Kestrel breeding programme at a centre near Castro Verde which also has breeding European Rollers. Although they have a hide for the Lesser Kestrel and European Rollers it was booked out today so unavailable, this has to be booked in advance. I did take the camera along and although I didn’t get very close, I snapped a few photos of the Lesser Kestrel hunting. I wasn’t lucky enough to see a European Roller today, but will be back in the area more prepared.

Female Lesser Kestrel

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