Silky Sunrise

The purple colours of the sunrise this morning across the ocean was great and I was on top of the cliffs at Praia do Carvalho to capture them. There really is something special about standing on the cliff watching the daylight begin. Using an “ND-Filter” I captured a long exposure which smooths out the movement of the ocean making silk like. There was a slight haze on the horizon which diffused the strength of the sun.

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Everybody Loves The Algarve!

I was on a scouting mission for some sunrise and sunset shots today and although it was an overcast day with terrible light I decided to find a heart at the famous Arco Natural near Praia da Marinha.

There are a few locations along the clifftop that are well-known for making a heart shape, but I wanted to find something a little different and came up with this shot, keeping the horrible sky out of the frame. It’s a long exposure shot using Natural Density filters to smooth out the movement of the sea.

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Sunset Session At The Beach!

I keep telling myself that I don’t take enough Seascape shots so whilst I was in Balaia Golf Resort on the weekend taking (Real Estate Shots, I decided to head to Praia de São Rafael for the sunset.

I arrived well before sunset to also use the opportunity to take some product shots of my new Photography Bean Bags which will be launched later today!

Of course, after living here for over 2.5 years, even though the temperatures were mid 20s, it was a nice surprise to see people sunbathing and even swimming in the sea! Soon enough the sun started to lower in the sky and most of the sun-cravers started to leave the beach and replaced by sunset watchers. I set myself up near the iconic rock in the centre of the beach and waited. The result of the session was the following 4 photographs which are shown below in time order. All are available in print in the Shop, please see individual links below each image.

First, the sun just about to dip below the west cliff.

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Sunset at Praia de São Rafael, Algarve, Portugal

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Long Exposure Sunset

I had just finished working on a new feature at my “A Rocha” area, more details soon, and I noticed that the sky was turning into a stunning colour-fest. A quick grab of the camera and I noticed that although the wind at ground level was calm the clouds were moving south quickly.

I decided to try something different and take a long exposure of a colourful sunset to blur the moving clouds.

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Long Exposure Sunset

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Sunset Turned The River Red

March has been pretty wet, very wet, but yesterday was a typically Portuguese Spring day, warm and sunny. I thought that there was going to be a nice sunset so headed down to a section of the Odelouca River in hope a red sky would reflect on the water.

It paid off, not an amazing fiery sky that we had the day before, but enough to reflect in the water. So I placed a Circular Polariser (or Polarizer) filter on to bring out the colours and help with the water and shot with a slow shutter speed to give the river a silky looking effect.

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Sunset Turns The River Red
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Milky Way Quite Clear At Home Last Night

Last night I had a comical failure of capturing the International Space Station trail across the night sky.

I knew that the ISS would be eclipsed before it got overhead, but set the shot up to capture the trail between some trees in the garden in the hope I’d get it before it went dark. So I set the camera up and watched the ISS approach with my finger on my (less than £3) remote. Just as the ISS came into the frame, yes, it eclipsed and went dark!

It was a very clear night and I could just about make out the Milky Way over head and wondered how well it would be captured as I’ve never really tried a long exposure from the garden. I live in a quite dark location but the horizons all around have light pollution from the neighbouring towns and cities, however, straight up it’s quite a clean sky. So I pointed the camera straight up between the trees and fired off a few very high ISO shots so that I could get the framing as I liked and then set the camera up for a long exposure and this image is the result.

Not a great shot, but still great considering it’s from the garden.

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Milky Way from the Back Garden
Milky Way – D810, AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm, f/2.8, ISO3200, 20sec – {Flickr Link}
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