An Afternoon At The River Looking For Opportunities


I was a new location on the river that we discovered a few days ago and was looking for options for some closeup Kingfisher shots, the Kingfishers are getting really brave now.

Although I wasn’t there to take photos, I did take the camera down. Here is just a quick shot of a male Kingfisher sitting in the tree watching me, then just as I was leaving, Iberian Magpies where coming down for a late afternoon bath.

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New Magpie Perch Is A Success!


There is a small tree that didn’t last the winter this year due to it being very exposed, so instead of cutting it down I decided to shape it into a perch.

The idea behind it was to attract the Iberian Magpies (this post explains why they are not called the Azure-Winged!).

A few times daily, a flock of Magpies raid a bowl of Cat biscuits we leave outside for our “outdoor” Cats, so I placed a small container on the new perch with a few biscuits in there and setup the TrailCam to see what happens.

It was an instant success.

Iberian Magpie Perch

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Iberian Magpie – Not Azure-Winged Magpie!


This is an Iberian Magpie. It is often called an Azure-Winged Magpie here in Portugal, however, this is not strictly correct! Although very similar, the Azure-Winged Magpie is found in Eastern Asia. It was once thought to be the same species, however, they are different.

The Iberian Magpie is found in Central and Southern parts of Spain and Portugal and occur in large, sometimes huge flocks. I have noticed that the flocks tend to follow a similar route every day as they fly from area to area.

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Iberian Magpie - Charneco - Cyanopica cooki
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