An Afternoon At The River Looking For Opportunities

I was a new location on the river that we discovered a few days ago and was looking for options for some closeup Kingfisher shots, the Kingfishers are getting really brave now.

Although I wasn’t there to take photos, I did take the camera down. Here is just a quick shot of a male Kingfisher sitting in the tree watching me, then just as I was leaving, Iberian Magpies where coming down for a late afternoon bath.

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New Magpie Perch Is A Success!

There is a small tree that didn’t last the winter this year due to it being very exposed, so instead of cutting it down I decided to shape it into a perch.

The idea behind it was to attract the Iberian Magpies (this post explains why they are not called the Azure-Winged!).

A few times daily, a flock of Magpies raid a bowl of Cat biscuits we leave outside for our “outdoor” Cats, so I placed a small container on the new perch with a few biscuits in there and setup the TrailCam to see what happens.

It was an instant success.

Iberian Magpie Perch

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