The Kingfishers & Their Friend Weasel

Ok, I very much doubt a Weasel would be a Kingfisher friend but it makes a nice children’s story book title…….

I was counting on a sleepy morning today but the dogs had other ideas, waking me up before sunrise. Therefore, I took the opportunity to spend some time at the new Kingfisher perch I placed in the river a few days ago.

It still needs some work on positioning but it’s great to see once again there are many Kingfishers present. The local pair seem to be busy feeding a 2nd brood and although not intentional, I have spotted their nest in the riverbank where they are busy delivering food. There’s plenty wrong with the Kingfisher image below, but it’s a great start to my new season of Kingfisher photos!

Whilst I sat there patiently waiting a Weasel showed up running around like crazy. I fired the camera shutter which grabbed it’s attention and then fired off the shot below with him looking directly at the camera before continuing on its hunt for breakfast.

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A Very Relaxed Brown Rat

I wandered down to the river this afternoon to collect some Bamboo for our garden and I spotted a Brown Rat just minding its own business on the side of the track. I walked right up to it and it wasn’t at all bothered. I could have actually picked it up, but of course, Rat bites are not pleasant!

On my way back with Bamboo, I noticed it was still in the same place. Was it injured, or ill? Didn’t seem to be as it sat there nibbling on a grass seed. Once back at the house I grabbed the camera and returned and it was still wandering around eating the grass seed so I got these 2 shots of it. After a while it wandered off into the thick bushes. Everyday, the local wildlife continue to surprise me! Now a few of you may mention that do I want this near the house? It’s near the river and of course river banks have Rats, it is also about 500m away from the house, so no real concern, also I think our Cats may have the final say on that one!

Whether you like the thought of Rats or not, you cannot argue that this isn’t cute!

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Brown Rat - Ratazana-castanha - Rattus norvegicus
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