How I Built My Simple DIY Photography Hide

A few weeks ago, my pop-up hide that I placed at the Oasis got blown away by very strong winds during a storm. Luckily it got caught up on a fence about 50 meters away so I was able to recover it.

I didn’t put it back in place and decided that I would build a more permanent solution. Yesterday afternoon, I got to work on making a simple and cheap hide. All of the materials where left overs from the previous owners of our house, so actually cost nothing to make.

I used fence posts as the supports for the hide, using an old garden chair to gauge the size.

Fence Posts for Supports

Next I cut to size some pieces of timber to hold the structure together. These are also used to staple the outer material later.

Structure complete

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Introducing The Oasis

No, it’s not a re-group of the 90s rock band but a section of our land behind the house that always seems to have water.

Water Trickle

We live on top of a hill, however, there always seems to be water on a section of the land behind the house, even in the hot, dry summer there is evidence of water. There are a few theories; Does our Water Cistern (we have a bore hole) leak? Does our Septic Tank release the clean water here? Does it take the water from the roof guttering here? Is there some strange water spring?

No matter how this water gets here, it creates a fantastic Oasis of wild plants. I’ve noticed that this time of year, the returning winter birds congregate for breakfast just after sunrise. Numerous Finches, Robins, Waxbill, Chiffchaff, Stonechat to name a few feast on the flower seeds and insects.

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