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I was checking through some older un-processed photos today and came across this amazing photo of Wally from May 2019. I don’t take as many photos during the walks as I used to with Wally as it was easy when there was just Wally, now there is Wally, Millie and Snowy it’s a little but of a handful.

It also reminded me to let remind you that Gift Vouchers are available for my Natural Dog Photo Shoots. Looking for something different to give as a Christmas gift this year? They are available to purchase right here with a customised voucher emailed directly to you where you can either print off or send electronically as a gift.

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Now Is A Great Time For A Dogs-In-Nature Shoot

As we are starting to head towards Springtime here in the Algarve, the angle of the sun is getting higher in the sky which of course will bring the hot climate we all enjoy here. However, this means the amazing light that the low angle of the autumn and winter sun will soon be leaving us behind.

This morning I had a quick photo session with Millie, the craziest of our 3 dogs, although she is still a youngster. If you are interested in your very own “Dogs-In-Nature” Photo Shoot, then please find more information HERE.

Dogs-In-Nature Gift Vouchers are also available should you wish to surprise someone with something different!

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Recent Dogs-In-Nature Photoshoot Of A Pair Of Rhodesian Ridgebacks

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in their own garden. It was a tricky shoot due to the amount of trees and bushes, but came away with photos that the owner loves. A Dogs-In-Nature shoot allows the dog(s) to behave normally and allows me to capture the natural behaviour that you will always remember.

For more information on these unique shoots, please see the Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoot page. If you are thinking of something very different for a Christmas present, then why not give a Dogs-In-Nature Gift Voucher?

Here are just a couple of examples from the shoot.

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Wally On The Wall

Yesterday morning I snapped this shot of Wally running through some spring flowers, the light was great, but the sky behind him was thick white clouds. So I set to work processing the photo and gave it a vintage-retro look which works really well with the horrible sky. It is one of my favourite photos of Wally and we love it so much I have printed it in A3 to go on the wall in the house.

Don’t forget, I offer a “Dogs-In-Nature” Photo Shoot service where I come to you to capture photos of your dog(s) doing what they do best! More information on the Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoot. Gift Vouchers are also available too!

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Wally Having Fun
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Wally Enjoying The Winter Sun

We took an extended walk today and Wally certainly was full of life in the January sun! It was later than our usual morning walk and therefore not a great deal of wildlife about so Wally became the subject (again!).

Don’t forget that I have 15% discount off a Dogs-In-Nature photo shoot until the end of January, this includes Vouchers and any booking made before the end of the month even if the date is after.

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Wally Enjoying The Algarve Winter Sun
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New Service : Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots!

If you’re a regular blog reader then you will know that I often post photos of Wally when we are out on our adventures. People keep mentioning that I should start offering this type of photography for other Dog owners and I have been considering this for some time.

So let me introduce to you Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots! The idea of this new project is to offer something slightly different to the usual Dog Portrait photography that although is great, often doesn’t show the Dog’s real nature and character. On my photo shoots I will be accompanying you and your dog(s) and capturing photographs of them playing, running, sitting gazing into space and anything else you wish to capture all in a natural environment rather than a studio setting.

This photo of Wally is a perfect example of his character.

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Wally Splashing Around In The River

If you have more than one dog, or even want to share a session with another owner to reduce the cost then this is also an option. Each session guarantees, at least, 10 digital photographs and also 1 professionally printed A3-sized Photograph per dog. Further prints will also be available to purchase at a later date in various sizes.

To celebrate this new project, there is 15% discount on all sessions, including Gift Vouchers until the end of January.

More details and prices can be found on the Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots Page.

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