First Session of 2019 With The European Bee-Eaters

After today we are (hopefully) getting 5 rainy days so as it was the final day of guaranteed sun I decided to have my first session of the year with the local European Bee-Eaters since they returned a few days ago.

I have been sat in my editing studio for 2 days whilst I could hear Bee-Eaters all around the house, this morning I headed out and it was silence everywhere. I checked all the local spots and nothing apart from a quick view of 2 flying off into the distance.

After about 45 minutes of searching and almost giving up I could hear them in the distance so I headed to a spot I had seen them perched many times. Hiding under my camo net inside some reeds I waited. It was a long wait of almost an hour before they turned up but as you can see from the results, a well deserved gift for waiting.

Whilst I was waiting, I also heard my first Golden Oriole of the year!

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European Bee-Eater
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