Tutorial: Lightroom Classic CC Basics – Moving Photos Between Lightroom & Photoshop (Video)

This video is the first in a series of Lightroom Classic CC Basic Tutorials that I’ll be publishing over the next few weeks and months.

These video tutorials are aimed at both newcomers and intermediate levels of Lightroom and give an insight into some of the basics.

In this episode I show you how easy is it to move photos from Lightroom into Photoshop for further editing and back again to Lightroom.

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{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

Adobe Lightroom: Big Changes Ahead!

It’s no hidden fact that Adobe has been pushing for Cloud based dominance in the Photo Post-Production world and this news really shows for the hard work behind the scenes. Will I like and use it? Maybe not, but at least (for now) there is still the good old way.

Adobe has announced that the “All-New” Lightroom CC will be very much a cloud based solution with Apps designed to work seamlessly cross-platform whether that be Desktop, Mobile, Web or even a bit of all of them.

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Now for something completely different, a Haunted Room

I don’t normally do things like this, but last night thought I’d have a bit fun with Photoshop layering and turn my Dining Room into a Haunted Dining Room.

This photo is made up of 8 separate shots, one of the room without any chairs and then an individual photo for each chair and candlestick holder.

What you don’t see is how I got the chairs and candlestick holder to levitate. Simple, I held them there and then removed me out of each shot later in Photoshop.

A remote flash was used and is mounted high up above the camera.

{Click image for a higher resolution, click Flickr Link in caption to view photo on Flickr}

Haunted Room
Levitation – D810, AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 @ 14mm, f/11, ISO640, 1/6sec. Remote Flash Mounted near ceiling level above camera – {Flickr Link}
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